Hearth and Home Vol. 26: Signs and Wonders

Blessed New Moon in Taurus, sweet Miracles!  wonders wonders wonders

Here is a blessing you can call upon on this day if you would like and here are instructions on how to build a wealth drawing altar. I’m adding that article into this Hearth and Home because this New Moon in Taurus is one of the BEST times to do wealth magic all year long, so get to it!

I cannot believe it has only been a month since I last wrote to you all about the goings on here. Much has happened but I want to begin with a special visitor that I spent time with on the April New Moon, probably as some of you were reading the last Hearth and Home story. I was out in the early morning, sitting on the swing, having my coffee when I saw a great flutter of wings and lo, the most gorgeous barred owl – huge bird! – sat in the bend of one of the thick branches of a Pecan tree we share the land with, looked right at me, cocked its head to the side in curiosity, and then continued to stare.

I stood out in the backyard in my nightgown holding my cold coffee and had a conversation with my feathered visitor. (Fortunately, my husband is totally used to this behavior on my part and I’m sure if you asked him he would tell you he finds it absolutely charming…right, honey? Right).

I have been gifted many feathers from the various birds in our neighborhood and I hear the owls calling all of the time and especially in spring, fall, and winter, but I have never actually seen one. It was such an honor to be in the presence of a beautiful, powerful animal and I am still coming off of the high!

It felt like very appropriate New Moon magic given some personal magical work I am doing right now and also given that the New Moon at the time was in Aries – the best Moon for new ventures, and as I look at the shape of the rest of the year I am definitely embarking on some new adventures…as are all of my family members. If Aries provides the energy of the new, the fresh, the beginning, Taurus then grounds it into something that is rooted, real, and solid.

I see those forms taking shape in so many different ways.

In less than a month Jasper will be finished with 3rd grade. This summer will mark his maiden voyage to an overnight summer camp, and on Mother’s day we watched our sweet boy play cello with the San Antonio Youth Symphony in a socially distanced concert – the first one the kids have been able to participate in for over a year since this strings group has been practicing together. Jasper was the principal cello player in his group and he NAILED it!

Baby Heath will also soon be graduating to a new room with new teachers and many of the same friends. He will soon have his first piano recital – a small one for family only – but he is very excited about it and serious about his practice. He also loves dressing up and engaging in imaginary play.

My beloved is working on his own plans for an exciting project that I can’t talk about just yet – but soon! – and I am enjoying being his sounding board and erstwhile editor, Lord knows it’s time for me to return the favor. We are taking time to be together while the boys are in school- sneaking away for a lunch date or a long meandering walk.

As for me…well, Star Child is now officially available for pre-order and I am planning lots of fun stuff around its release in July!

I am also (already!!!) getting booked for various interviews and podcasts. If you would like to see me on a show or if you would like me to be one of your guests please get in touch sooner rather than later because my summer schedule is looking BUSY.

Pre-orders can be made through any of the links on this page and I am especially excited to announce that you can pre-order a personalized, just for you, copy, through our local indie bookstore, the Nowhere Bookshop right here.

I’m also soon to launch a REALLY BIG THING that I am crazy excited about. It is one of a kind and the first of its kind…it’s…big, but I received a pretty big mandate from the cosmos earlier this year to embrace big ideas.

Interestingly, I just listened to a commencement speech by Denzel Washington where he talked about the ghosts of the ideas you did not bring into the world standing around you when you are on your deathbed. I thought that was a pretty powerful image and it has a deep ring of truth to me. So…I’m bringing those things into the world and I know I get to do it because of each of you and your support – thank you always.

If you want to be the first to know about the next BIG THING please make sure you are subscribed to this list.

We rung in April with another first as my extended family was able to gather together at the beach for our annual Easter celebrations – all of us vaccinated and seeing each other for the first time in over a year. As we enter into a time when the talk grows louder about going back to “normal” (whatever that means), I have been reminded again and again of how very small things hold such blessing: getting to hug my Auntie who is really a cousin, our scrappy pup running with joy on the beach followed by an equally scrappy 10 year old, a two year old’s first discovery of a jellyfish, the spring storms that appear out of nowhere at sunset and sweep over the land, or an owl sitting in a tree in the early morning light.

Those are the signs and wonders I am calling out to and rooting myself within. Those are the magics I am returning to.

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