Rock a Retrograde: Mercury RX in Gemini


Are y’all ready for a Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini? I hope so because it is headed our way!

Longtime readers of mine know that I actually enjoy Mercury Retrograde, in fact for this one I have a longish list of home organization projects that I cannot wait to get started on (hello, Container Store).

But this time around I should not be alone because whenever Mercury is in Gemini it is extremely happy, or in classical astro-speak, in its rulership, which means that even for those of you who are usually quite effected by Mercury RX this should be a, somewhat, smoother ride. (If ALL Mercury retrogrades have you shaking in your boots then you should get in on the Mercury RX Survival Kit through the Fixed Stars Society stat!)

Every Mercury in retrograde has the theme of reassessing and reviewing communication, writing, messages, and correspondence among other things. But each Mercury in retrograde also has a specific “flavor” given to it by the zodiac sign Mercury goes retrograde in. So here are the most essential aspects to keep in mind for our upcoming Mercury RX in Gemini.

1.) Review your learning opportunities and engagements. Gemini is the sign of thought and connection so this is a great time to consider what classes and courses you have signed up for as well as what learning opportunities you might want to engage in as we go forward.

Those who are in school from pre-K to college can benefit from some academic magic-making. If you have fallen behind in a given area of study this is a great time to catch up! If you have questions or feel that you need better engagement with the material then now is the time to make that happen. And if you are feeling a bit blah in your educational pursuits (or lack thereof) this is a great time to look at what learning opportunities are available right now.

Note: This is not a good time to actually sign up for a class or apply for school. If you have to do so make sure that you follow up with a phone call and make sure that all application materials and registration fees landed where they were supposed to.

2.) Reconnect to acquaintances and friends. Gemini, like her sister Air signs of Libra and Aquarius, is a social butterfly. Close friendships and siblings or sibling-like relationships are all take care of by this sign. So if you have been MIA for your BFF now is a really good time to pick up the phone, write a letter, or send a quick text to let your bestie know that you have not taken off for good. For those with siblings this is a great time to reassess that relationship – are you spending enough or too much time together? Are there conflicts in need of resolution, do you need to let your sib know that you love them and are thinking about them? Get on it.

3.) Recollect your message. One of the deeper teachings of Gemini is that we all carry a message, one that is unique to us and needs to be shared with our communities, whether that is a few close friends and family members or the entire world. During this Mercury RX take some time to hone in on your message…what do you stand for and how do your words reflect your principles and ideals?


Remember to keep a calm head before, during, and after the retrograde period. There is a lot of scare-mongering out there on the interwebs but this time is a much needed in-breath and pause, allowing us to re-charge and re-vitalize ourselves before swinging into the fullness and business of the next few months.

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