Six Months of Magic Every Full Moon


hen we talk about paying attention to the lunar cycles we often mean noting what happens between the New Moon and the Full Moon within each month. But for sacred artists who pride ourselves on paying attention to bigger themes and patterns a month is not always enough time to work with.

Fortunately la luna had this figured out way before we did. There is about a six month difference between a New Moon and a Full Moon. For instance, as I write this today we have a Full Moon in Scorpio and about six months ago on October 23rd we had a New Moon in Scorpio.

So what does this mean? It means that we get 6 months of magic every single time there is a Full Moon, or to be more precise, we get to review the last 6 months of magic making every time there is a full moon. As we know, New Moons are best for sowing seeds and Full Moons are the times to harvest the fruit those seeds have yielded and celebrate the harvest.

Each full moon is a brilliant time to go back and review what your sacred arts practice has looked like, felt like, and yielded for you. What areas were you focused on 6 months ago? What seeds did you sow? How have those seeds grown? What have you done both magically and practically to support their growth? And most importantly…how are you bringing in the harvest?

One fun way to do this is to make a Full Moon timeline. At one end of the timeline write down the date of the New Moon that happened in the sign that the current Full Moon is in and then at the end of the time line write the date of the Full Moon. Make a mark for every big theme and event that occurred between the New Moon and the Full Moon and write down a few words. Decorate and consecrate as you like…this provides a wonderful visual way for you to see patterns, development of practices, and what major themes or questions might need continued cultivation.


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