Star Stories: January 2020

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strology for January 2020

Note for January: Hola Miracles! Just a quick note to give you the lay of the land in January. This month is going to feel pulled between the element of Earth and Water, it is old, deep, and Goddess-centered energy in many ways. This month kicks off with FIVE planets in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. The Capricorn energy is highlighted during the Pluto + Saturn conjunction on January 12th. This conjunction is very significant and I am hosting a free class where we will discuss it. Learn more + get the call-in details here. Water energy is brought in by the Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and also by the movement of Venus into Pisces where it grows closer and closer to dreamy Neptune right up until the 27th when they finally meet.

1/1: Happy and Blessed New Year my friends! I love doing this Seed Money Ritual anytime but especially as we usher in a brand new year!

1/2: Mercury and Jupiter get together to keep things happy, bright, and positive.
Ask: What messages of cheer am I ready to send and receive?

1/2: Waxing Quarter at 12 degrees Aries 8:45 pm. This is the perfect time to brush up on your divination practice!
Ask: What fire wants to be kindled?

1/3: Mars moves into Sagittarius today and as it does we all feel more confident, capable, and ready to tackle even the toughest resolutions.
Ask: Where do I need to be bold?

1/10: Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer 1:21 pm. Some ideas for how to work with the Full Moon can be found here: and here:
Ask: What are my dreams telling me?

1/10: Uranus direct!
Ask: What did I learn about my future?

1/12: Pluto conjunct Saturn. This is a conjunction that occurs only every 34 years. It kicks off 2020 with an intense pairing. Saturn, the stern taskmaster encounters power player Pluto and this can impact us in a couple of different ways. On the one hand, we can be shadowy and sketchy about our pursuit of power, skirting the law and taking the easy way out in order to gain or keep the upper hand. On the other hand, this duo can inspire unparalleled discipline and potency that you can bring to your New Year’s Resolutions and any other area of life where you need it! You can also join me in some more Pluto/Saturn magic-making (including a free call) right here.
Ask: Where do I need to super-charge my discipline?

1/13: Venus moves into Pisces and has us all feeling more tender.
Ask: What is my relationship to compassion?

1/13: Neptune and Jupiter face off in a square today and it is the first of three such squares occurring this year. This is a high fantasy alert and may bring about warnings if you are involved in projects that are unrealistic or overly optimistic. On the other hand, you can work with the tension of this square to breathe practicality into your arts and dreams.
Ask: Where am I being too optimistic or unrealistic?

1/16: Mercury moves into Aquarius and things start to rock and roll because these two swift energies love to chat, think, and move!
Ask: What. brilliance. am I ready to share?

1/17: Waning Quarter at 26 degrees Libra, 6:58 AM. Reminder that this is a great time to banish:
Ask: Where do I need to banish dependency?

1/20: Sun enters Aquarius 8:55 AM
Ask: What community am I ready to cultivate?

1/20: Sun enters Aquarius 3:04 AM
Ask: What community am I ready to cultivate?

1/23: Sun in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus brings restless energy that can also leave you feeling thwarted. Try this: ground yourself in something outside of your comfort zone.
Ask: Where am I ready to experiment?

1/24: New Moon at 4 degrees, Aquarius 3:42 PM. Here are Four Ways to Honor the New Moon just in case you missed them:
Ask: What message am I ready to broadcast?

1/25: Lunar and Chinese New Year celebrating the Year of the Rat! Rat is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac and like rats, in real life, those born under this sign are seen as intelligent, funny, flexible, adaptable, and full of energy!

1/27: Neptune conjunct Venus in Pisces. Cue the waterworks or, alternatively, heartfelt connections, do NOT go spend a bunch of money or engage in essence-sucking fantasies that go nowhere. Great time for water/heart/love magics.
Ask: What emotional depths am I ready to explore?

1/28: Neptune square Mars is a day of low energy. Do relaxing/restorative exercises and steer clear of all kinds of excess.
Ask: What would be the best self-care for me today?

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Star Stories: January Edition

Learning and Community



Welcome to January and blessings of the Full and Supermoon in Cancer to you! This is an astro-packed month that is bookended by two full super moons – pretty auspicious way to begin 2018 if I do say so myself!

Read on to find out what it in store for you this month and head’s up: this will be the last monthly Star Story that goes out to my mailing list. I have loved putting these together but now that I am writing the book I need to focus my energy on that project.

Star Magic students will still get the low down though in our Facebook group so if you have loved these updates and you want to learn more about astrology, join up! Save $100 when you sign up in January – there is no code to enter, I just reduced the price for this magical month only.

And, if you ever need Astro help, head over to the Astro RX age for 2018 – it has all of the essential dates for the year PLUS you can sync them to your Ical or google calendar.

And now, to the Stars!

The Sun
January begins with the Sun in serious, elegant, and refined Capricorn.
Ask: What light am I ready to shine?

On January 19th the Sun enters into airy, breezy, and easy Aquarius at 9:09 PM central time.
Ask: What am I ready to share with my community?

Finally, one more move from the Sun this month on Saturday, January 27th as the Sun in Aquarius trines with the Moon in Gemini. This is a beautiful time to get really clear on your message AND the ways that you want to share it (including the best platforms to use).
Ask: What am I ready to share?

The Moon
January kicks it off with a gorgeous Full Moon and Super moon at 11 degrees Cancer, at 8:24 PM
Ask: What are my dreams telling me?

On January 8th we have a Waning Quarter Moon at 18 degrees Libra at 4:25 PM
Ask: Where do I need to return balance?

Then, on the 16th we celebrate a New Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn at 8:17 PM
Ask: What mastery am I ready to begin?

January 24th brings the Waxing Quarter Moon at 4 degrees Taurus, 4:20 PM
Ask: What does right relationship to ease and abundance look and feel like?

On January 31st we round out the month with the Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees, Leo 7:27 AM
Ask: What is one pattern, attitude, and/or belief I no longer wish to follow when it comes to expressing my feelings and how can I reverse it today?

On January 11th Mercury moves into Capricorn. This can be a time that marks a new level of seriousness in communications and those of you who write or communicate for a living can expect to have some professional opportunities arise during this time. It is also a time when it is easier than usual to be negative and pessimistic and also to get depressed. Turn that on its head by doing that popular thing you’ve read so much about: adulting.
Ask: What responsibilities do I need to attend to?

Next up, on Wednesday, January 24th Mercury is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. This gives you insight into how your attitudes around mastery and excellence can translate into powerful transformation and it is also a great time to find hidden or lost things and/or to uncover secrets!
Ask: What secrets do I need to uncover?

Finally, on January 31st Mercury Moves into Aquarius. This is a brilliant time to connect with your groups of people: friends, colleagues, like-minded fellow travelers of all kinds. It is also a time when you can expect to see more activity on social media. If you have a web presence use this period to begin any re-vamps or to get even clearer on your messaging. Big picture and future facing thinking are at an all time high right now. Keep your eye on the news for significant tech developments.
Ask: What groups and people do I want to connect with?

On Tuesday, January 9th, the Sun in Capricorn is conjunct Venus. Anytime this happens Venus brings her emphasis on love, beauty, harmony, and peace into the full light of the brilliant Sun – and the sign that the Sun is in will flavor the entire thing.
Ask: What would happen if I got serious about love?

Then, on Saturday, January 13th Venus and Uranus square up. This is a prime time to have difficulties in relationships – especially virtual relationships so watch your social media feed, choose your words with care, and try your best to be kind to those you encounter. Also, beware of tiring yourself out in your effort to be loved by all.
Ask: Where am I spreading myself too thin because I want people to like me?

Next up, on January 17th Venus moves into Aquarius. This will feel awesome coming off of that square with Uranus. This is a great time to give love and attention to online friends, presence, and business – change up your profile pics, update your bios, make sure your LinkedIn account is all spiffy – you know the drill. Networking opportunities right now are a definite YES as are collaborations.
Ask: What groups, congregations, and associations are in need of love and support?

Mars kicks into high gear early in January as on the 1st he makes a beautiful trine with the Full Super Moon in Cancer activating our emotional intelligence and heart centers.
Ask: What is the best way to engage with my feelings right now?

Then, on Friday, January 26th Mars moves into Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius is all about travel, new experiences, and testing boundaries too. This placement gives us all an attitude that is both unconventional AND interested in optimizing our spiritual experiences as well as that highest of Sagittarian goals: freedom!
Ask: What actions will increase my freedom right now?

On Saturday, January 6th Jupiter is conjunct Mars in Scorpio – this is a brilliant time to optimize your areas of finance and investments as Scorpio rules both of those areas. Also, a brilliant time to expand your knowledge by learning secrets that will help you foster greater success!
Ask: What is the secret to greater abundance?

On January 13th Saturn is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. This can be a tricky time and is a classic astro moment for feeling depressed, fatalistic, and existentially angsty. Go outside or watch these cute goats at play.
Ask: What do I learn from restraint?

On January 2nd Uranus turns direct in the sign of Aries. This is subtle for many people but those who are Uranus-sensitive (Aquarius, Gemini, and people with a packed 11th house) will feel it more. Fresh energy and a desire to turn a new leaf and do something raucous are all indicated at this time.
Ask: What energy is ready to shift?

Not one to be left out of the fun, Neptune trines with the Full and Super Moon on January 1st – Neptune, Mars, and the Moon form a grand water trine on this day in their respective signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer – it is a gorgeous time for diving deep and finding treasure!
Ask: What healing magic have I found in my depths?

On Tuesday, January 9th the Sun is ALSO conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (note that Venus is also in on this action – see above). Sun and Pluto in Capricorn together mean serious career power moves may occur at this time, conservative ideas are going to undergo radical transformation, and those who are Pluto or Cappy sensitive might feel an even deeper level of seriousness.
Ask: What power do I find in excellence?

Love and Stars,

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New Moon Notes – Capricorn Edition

Lunar Letter


ear Miracles,

Over the past year I have had many new people show up in our community of sacred artists and soulful seekers. I’ve sent out Wonderment readings to so many bright souls around the world and I have received in turn many kind words and heart felt blessings. As we begin another turning of the wheel I would like to say a few words about the salutation that you find here and elsewhere in my writings – “dear Miracles”. Sometimes I change it up and refer to you all as “beautiful” or “stellar” or “kind” but always I follow the adjective of choice with the word Miracle. Why?

I do not call each of you miracles because I think it’s cute or darling or flattering. I call each of you miracles because it is 100% true. Think about it: think about all of the lives and loves, the sufferings, the triumphs, the victories of tens, hundreds, thousands, millions of people that led to you – a completely unique, one of a kind, deeply precious soul. Think about one day in your life: the countless number of functions our physical bodies perform without being asked to do so – the beating of heart, the beating butterfly wings of our lungs, the growth of hair and nail, the sloughing off of dead skin and waste. Think about your relationships with others; of each person and creature and being whose life you touch in some way every single day. To think of it for even a moment is dizzying to me and tells me one thing without a shadow of a doubt: you, yes you dear reader, are a miracle. Never doubt it.

Now let’s talk about the upcoming New Moon on January 9th. For those of you who like specifics the moon will be new at 19 degrees Capricorn, 7:31 PM cdt. A good question to ask around this lunar phase is: What needs to be renewed or refreshed in my career or craftsmanship?

The other essential bit of astrological information right now deals with our old friend, Mercury Retrograde.

On January 5th Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Aquarius and then moving into the sign of Capricorn. Mercury will be retrograde from January 5th through January 25th.

You can read about Mercury Retrogrades here to learn more, but the question is always the same: how can we best deal and get through this period?

Last year I decided to experiment with taking a ceremony that I had done for myself and my family numerous times during Mercury RX and offering it to our community, I called it the Mercury RX Survival Kit – the response and results have been consistently solid so I am pleased to offer it once more – if the words “Mercury Retrograde” make you break out into a cold sweat, then this service is for you. Learn more and participate HERE.

Speaking of all things starry and celestial, if you have not already done so, take a peak at the 2016 Astro RX page – it has the major significant astrological events for 2016 listed, the lunar phases (including time and zodiac sign) for full, new, dark, and first quarter moons, and best of all questions to help each of you turn astrology into something more meaningful and personal than just a bunch of numbers and dates. Enjoy!

Adventures in Soulful Seeking

This month I am keeping the new moon notes fairly short. My wish is that each of you are using this time to make space for grace. And that, as the intrepid travelers in last month’s lunar letter, you find miracles in the everyday.

Words and Wonderings

Let me leave you all with these gorgeous images of our wide, wide, cosmos from NASA and remember:

The beginning is the most important part of any work.” –Plato, The Republic

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.