February New Moon Notes

Lunar Letter

Happy New Moon everyone!

I’m often asked how someone can pick the best teacher or program or class; here’s my answer.

Speaking of classes, March 1st is the deadline for registration for my next class, Beyond the Hedge. It is also the last day you can score the bundle discount price for Beyond the Hedge and Star Magic. Fair warning: this is the last time I will teach Star Magic.

You may register for one or both classes here.

I get asked this question all of the time: what is the best/strongest/most amazing love spell?

Behold, my answer.

Interested in guidance for your sacred arts, mystical, or metaphysical business? Each year I have a very limited number of openings for my Working Between the Worlds mentorship program. 

And finally, in case you missed it, earlier this month I wrote about what it takes to be a truly great lover.

May the gorgeous New Moon in Aquarius uplift and inspire!

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.

The Introverted Aries & other Astrological Anomalies

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,
An introverted Aries.
A Taurus who is chatty.
A shy Gemini.
Cancers that never dream.
A Leo who prefers to be NOT in the spotlight.
Disorganized Virgos.
The Libran who doesn’t get along…with anyone.
Mainstream Scorpios.
The Sagittarius who likes to stay home.
Capricorns who aren’t competitive.
Aquarians who are decidedly not social.
Loud-mouth Pisceans.

Sure, these are not the typical descriptions for each sun sign, but I have met folks who fit with each description. I’m often told by a client…this is my sun sign, but it doesn’t fit me, I’m nothing like that! Maybe so and maybe no. The whole point of astrology, really the whole point of any sacred art, is that we are not reducible. We cannot be reduced to our genes, our address, our education, our family, our talents or our weaknesses.

The whole is always greater than the parts.

That’s what astrology teaches. So does tarot. Both disciplines should encourage an aerial view…one that opens up and expands on possibilities, not a view that leaves you feeling trapped in a category that doesn’t work and doesn’t resonate.

More love.

More possibility.

More promise.

Never less.

magic, miracles: receive my lunar letters

ARRIVING on full moons each month.