Two Questions to Ask Before a Ceremony

Ceremony and Ritual


ear Miracles,

What I hope each of you take time to consider before any ritual, ceremony, and act of transformation:

What are the outer changes?

What are the inner changes?

Whether the ceremony is one that you have created, one that is quite old, one that is part of a community effort or one that is performed in solitude, these two questions hold, and, once answered, ensure that your participation within the ceremony is clear and direct.

In order to answer the first question you must recognize the stated goals of the ceremony. Is this a rite of gratitude and feasting that seeks to give thanks and honor? Is it a ceremony designed to increase personal wealth or power? Is it a prayer repeated at the same time each day to bring about a long awaited pregnancy or the return of a lover? What state are you hoping to change and how are you hoping to change it? You can also include commentary on what information will let you know that the sought after changes are in progress – or not.

The second question is much less considered and more important than the first – what are in the inner changes that must occur in order for the outer changes to be possible? Do you need to move from a state of focus on a project or effort into a state of reflection on what has been accomplished and gratitude for those accomplishments? If you are seeking personal wealth then taking the time to inventory what inner feelings, thoughts, and sensations either support or work against your goal is at least as much worth your time as gathering the right ceremonial supplies. What inner beliefs or ideas do you have about power that might keep you from having the best possible relationship to that power? In the case of a desired pregnancy or the return of a lover what needs to change within you to best support either outcome.

Transformation never happens on just the outer level. Often we get exactly what we need and more than we had though to ask for. Choose to be ready for results within as well as without.

A final question that can be asked after either of the first two is this: what practical actions can I take to support these changes? And then of course, once you have identified several such actions – take them.


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In Search of a Deeper Retrograde

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

I think its time that we let ourselves get a little deeper with planetary retrogrades, use the time wisely, note it for the strange aberration that it appears to be. Most of us know that when a planet, say, Mercury, goes retrograde we should beware of various challenges and hiccups. We have heard the “RE” rule – that a retrograde period favors any activity that begins with RE – like review, return, repair, and rediscover. But many of us are far less familiar with one of the key ways in which our ancestors viewed retrogrades, which was with an understanding that whatever planet was in retrograde motion, that planet was making a descent into the Underworld and going through the Underworld throughout their retrograde period.

There are many reasons why the people who came before us and paid attention to stellar and planetary events chose to interpret retrograde motion as a kind of descent – I think one of the main reasons was the general belief that any “backwards motion” smacked of dangerous paradox and ambiguous or malignant forces rising to the surface and becoming more visible in every day life. (For instance, in more than one ancient Greek tragic play we see rivers running backwards as an indication that bad things are about to happen). To our ancestors retrograde motion was out of the norm, out of sync with regular and proportional motion and cycles, and as such, suspect.

For our sacred artist ancestors that suspicion morphed into opportunity: while others cowered in fear and waited for the heavens to naturally right themselves, the magicians and dreamers, poets and lovers chose to take the opportunity to align themselves with the planet’s backwards path and in so doing turned their attention to the areas of their lives that were in shadow – the places that are ignored, unseen, and unheeded because they feel a little too dangerous, too deep, and too hot to handle.

A big complaint about retrograde periods, especially Mercury in retrograde, is that it interrupts our daily routine and life. There are things you can do to address that concern and keep your ship sailing on relatively smooth waters. But there is also a needed flexibility during this time, a willingness to have “business as usual” interrupted so that the things we would rather not deal with but very much need to, can be brought to our attention and we in turn can have the space and time to meet them head on. After all, Underworld descents are always about finding blessing in the broken places – sometimes retrogrades show us how that process works quite literally and though we might be annoyed in the moment of having to deal with whatever, we would also do well to greet this time with profound gratitude and readiness for what might emerge.

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The Gifts of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

Mercury is retrograde from April 28th – May 22nd in the sign of Taurus, the Bull, associated with the second house in the natal chart. First, off, for those of you who dread Mercury in Retrograde I want to remind you that I have a very popular service for this time of year – the Mercury RX Survival Kit. Many of the same people participate in it season after season because it is a lovely, inspiring, and magical way to connect to this special time of year.

Some of you may be scratching your head and saying Mercury, what? For those who do not know what Mercury in Retrograde is, I refer you to this post. Most of my readers do know what Mercury in Retrograde is and are familiar with the typical advice to engage in any “RE” activities, as in: reassess, restructure, repair, return, redo, etc. But there is a deeper way to think about the retrograde period of any planet, and that is to understand that during its retrograde cycle, the planet brings its energy, in combination with the energy of the celestial body it is moving through, to descend into the Underworld; and look at the unseen, untended, and usually ignored/disregarded areas of a specific area in one’s life.

With this in mind, let’s talk about Mercury RX in Taurus. Personally, I imagine this as swift footed Hermes riding the Bull down into the Underworld. What will he find? What does Mercury and the sign of Taurus typically ignore or not look at or not see during their daily routine? What unique gifts can this retrograde illuminate?

Here are a few to consider:

Care for the Body: this is a wonderful period to invest in some deep care for your body. Whether it’s the massage you have been putting off, the hair appointment that always gets rescheduled, or the visit to a health practitioner for a check up, Taurus loves and encourages right relationship to our physical body. Think about what you tend to ignore or look over or deny your body – it can be anything from regular exercise to enough water to a more beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes – now is the time to ask what is behind that neglect or choice to ignore, get clear on the answer, and take action to remedy it. One of my favorite ways to jump start paying attention to your physical body is by blessing it each and every day.


Care for the Home: Although the physical home is strongly associated with the sign of Cancer, the Crab, and the fourth house, Taurus loves its domicile and has a very domestic side. Taurus is also, as the first Earth sign in the zodiac, concerned with all foundational things and our homes are one of the most foundational aspects of our lives. This is a great time to get estimates on any kind of home repairs or remodels (there are those RE words again)!

While I wouldn’t advise starting new projects during the retrograde itself, getting estimates and planning out jobs is a great use of the time. You can dive a little deeper and ask what parts of your home feel good and in alignment and what parts do not. This is a lovely time to buy fresh towels, linens, pillows, and bed coverings as the Taurus vibe is most happy when comfort and home intersect. One of my favorite home routines to do every single Mercury Retrograde is to look at the “unseen” places in my home – under the kitchen sink, the hall closets, the cabinets above our fridge, and bring order and cleanliness to them. I have found over the years that as I cultivate a relationship with the physical unseen places around me I also deepen my relationship with the spiritual unseen places. Spiritually cleaning your home and vehicle are ways to honor this Mercury RX and to protect your property at the same time. Do be aware that during Mercury RX in Taurus home equipment (think washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves) are more likely to be glitch or to break.


Care for Money and Finances: Taurus rules money, specifically our cash, cash flow, and salaries or wages. Pair this with Mercury’s association with electricity, communication, and transactions of all kinds and you can see where you might hit some financial snags during this period. Double checking bank accounts, making sure deposits and debits go in and out as they need to, and expecting down time due to tech glitches in your online banking are all good ideas. The gift here is the opportunity to really get clear on your thoughts when it comes to money, what you are earning, how you are saving it, and what kind of cash flow you are working with. The clearer your thoughts can be around these issues the stronger your actions will be in supporting and manifesting the level of wealth you aspire to. Taking some time to look at the aspects of earning and finances that you would usually rather not dwell on will be well rewarded now. Unsure about where to start with “money stuff”? I love Bari Tessler’s work.


Care for Intimacy: Venus-ruled Taurus is interested in all acts of love and pleasure, so no Mercury Retrograde in Taurus would be complete without recognizing that awkward moments, hurt feelings, and miscommunications around all forms of intimacy, including but by no means limited to, sex, are more likely to occur. Feeling into what intimacy looks like and feels like for you, acknowledging the places in your life where intimacy is present as well as the places where deep, intimate connection may be missing or degraded is well-supported at this time. Looking at your connection to pleasure, especially pleasure as it is felt and experienced in the physical body, is also good to do right now. Taking time out of your routine and schedule to have a long love fest is an ideal way to spend part of this particular Mercury RX. A fun way to ritualize this aspect of Mercury RX is to make a honey jar with your lover.


Going with the Flow: Finally, Taurus is really about flow and feeling good in all areas of our life. This means that this Mercury RX will most likely interrupt your normal flow and routine in various ways and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The key is to pay attention to what is happening around you here and now, we note these celestial cycles because they are a source of information, but we participate in them by putting the information we receive to good use.

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Three Ways to Release the Old and Call in the New

Divination and Dreams


ear Miracles,

Winds blow across the land here where I live and the trees in our front yard are finally bare of branch. I can see various charms that I have hung up in their branches throughout 2015 – a scrap of ribbon here, a pine cone covered in birdseed and prayer there, a dried pomegranate left as an offering on Halloween, an old and twisted root tied up with yarn.

Over the next few days I will gather these little offerings given to the trees and taken out into the world by the winds. I will add them to a pile of petition papers and candle wax and a few other ceremonial items and then, as is our tradition, I will burn them in a sacred fire.

As they burn they will be joined by many of your own prayers and petitions — for all who are participating in 2015’s Banish and Burn ritual have sent in their own words and wishes of what needs to be released, let go of, and banished.

To banish something is not merely to get rid of it. To banish something is actually to honor it for the role(s) it has played in our lives and to release it, to let it go, so that it might be transformed by earth, air, fire, and water into something that is good and of use for others. This banishing, releasing and letting go is the first in a three step process that I work with every year as we move from the old year into the new.


The process itself echoes a process we see in ritual and ceremony throughout time beyond time:

First one must cleanse, release, let go, and rid themselves of what is no longer needed. Unhelpful and/or diminishing attitudes, beliefs, ideas, stalled out creative endeavors, relationships that keep trudging on in the same tired cycle, our inability to see as clearly as we might, to love as deeply as we can, to cultivate right relationship in all times and all places to the best of our abilities — these are some of the things we might let go.

Next, we set our homes in order. Many people take this literally – the New Year arrives and we clean out our homes, our cars, our closets, and our wallets. Floors, windowsills, and walls are washed so that our living spaces are not only physically clean, but spiritually cleansed too.

Another way we set our internal homes in order is through plotting out our year, making the first mark on the virgin page of that new planner or calendar, and getting our astrological dates lined up so that we have a good sense of what is happening and when it might happen.

Finally, we call in blessings along with the New Year. Our New Year’s resolutions are actually remnants of very ancient practices involving our ability to ask for what is most needed, desired, hoped and wished for and promising in turn to do our part to be blessed and a blessing in turn.

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2016 Astro RX

Divination and Dreams


appy Day Miracles,

As 2015 rushes to a close many of us like to engage in some ritual and ceremony to mark the end of one year and begin a new one. One popular act is to consciously release and let go of what no longer serves us. Another is to get hip to the astrological happenings that will accompany the unfolding of 2016. Now there are many places on the web that you can go and get basic information about planets, signs, transits and more throughout 2016. That is useful information to know, but it is really just the tip of the iceberg.

So, in this astrological guide you will find important dates and descriptions of celestial events but more than that, you will find questions to ponder, be inspired by, journal on, and create with, that are evoked by each astrological happening in 2016. Enjoy!

Start with the Moon

LunarLetter_FullMoonLa Luna is the most visible and easily trackable celestial body in the sky besides the sun. And so it makes complete sense that the earliest calendars were lunar to say nothing of the many ceremonies, rites, and feast days that honored Luna in her various phases. Within the sacred arts there are four lunar phases to pay especial attention to: Full, New, Dark, and the First Quarter. Most folks are familiar with Full, New, and Dark or Balsamic moons but not as familiar with the First Quarter moons, however the moon in its first quarter phase marks the halfway point between new and full. This is the phase that for the ancients was most associated with divination and prophecy, perhaps made most famous by the Oracle at Delphi who only issued her prophetic statements when the moon was in this phase.

So here are the lunar phases for 2016 in central time.

New Moons in 2016

1/9: New Moon at 19 degrees Capricorn, 7:31 PM
Ask: What needs to be renewed or refreshed in my career or craftsmanship?

2/8: New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius, 8:39 AM
Ask: How do I honor new relationships and how do I renew old relationships?

3/8: New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces, 7:54 PM
Ask: What is ready to be healed once and for all?

4/7: New Moon at 18 degrees Aries, 6:24 AM
Ask: What big thing am I ready to begin?

5/6: New Moon at 16 degrees Taurus, 2:30 PM
Ask: What seeds can I plant now for financial sustainability?

6/4: New Moon at 14 degree Gemini, 10:01 PM
Ask: What am I ready to learn?

7/4: New Moon at 12 degrees Cancer, 6:03 AM
Ask: Where is the poetry in my life?

8/2: New Moon at 10 degrees Leo, 3:46 PM
Ask: How can I honor my tribe?

9/1: New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo, 4:04 AM
Ask: What am I ready to devote myself to?

9/30: New Moon at 8 degrees Libra, 7:12 PM
Ask: What new aspect of love am I ready to explore?

10/30: New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio, 12:39 PM
Ask: Where are the deep waters asking me to go?

11/29: New Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius, 6:19 AM
Ask: Where do I find freedom?

12/29: New Moon at 7 degrees Capricorn, 12:53 AM
Ask: What new element will benefit my work and craftsmanship?

Full Moons in 2016

1/23: Full Moon at 3 degrees Leo, 7:46 PM
Ask: What is my favorite way of celebrating?

2/22: Full Moon at 3 degrees Virgo, 12:21 PM
Ask: Where have I brought order and beauty into my life?

3/23: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3 degrees Libra, 7:01 AM
Ask: Right relationship means…

4/22: Full Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio, 12:24 AM
Ask: What investment(s) has yielded fruit?

5/21: Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius, 4:15 PM
Ask: Where have I created more freedom for myself?

6/20: Full Moon at 29 degrees Sagittarius and Summer Solstice, 6:03 AM
Ask: Where do I shine brightest?

7/19: Full Moon at 27 degrees Capricorn, 5:57 PM
Ask: One of my big successes has been…and I learned this from it:….

8/18: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Aquarius, 4:27 AM
Ask: Who shows up for me and who do I show up for?

9/16: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Pisces, 12:06 PM
Ask: What have I healed and what did I learn in the process?

10/16: Full Moon at 23 degrees Aries, 11:24 AM
Ask: What project did I see through from start to finish? How did I do it?

11/14: Full Moon at 22 degrees Taurus, 7:52 AM
Ask: Where is there abundance in my life?

12/13 Full Moon at 22 degrees Gemini, 6:06 PM
Ask: What have I learned this year?


Dark or Balsamic Moons in 2016

Note: Dark/Balsamic Moons are actually counted from the Last Quarter through the New Moon.

1/1: Dark Moon at 11 degrees Libra, 7:30 PM
Ask: What relationships am I ready to release?

2/1: Dark Moon at 11 degrees Scorpio, 5:27pm
Ask: What mysteries need to be protected?

3/1: Dark Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius, 5:10pm
Ask: What am I willing to give up in order to have more freedom?

3/31: Dark Moon at 11 degrees Capricorn, 10:16 AM
Ask: What does my work and craftsmanship need less of?

4/29: Dark Moon at 10 degrees Aquarius, 10:28 PM
Ask: What anxiety about the future can I release?

5/29: Dark Moon at 8 degrees Pisces, 7:11 AM
Ask: What delusion is no longer serving me?

6/29: Dark Moon at 6 degrees Aries, 1:18 AM
Ask: What foolishness can I let go of?

7/26: Dark Moon at 4 degrees Taurus, 5:59 AM
Ask: What shame can I banish?

8/24: Dark Moon at 2 degrees Gemini, 10:40 PM
Ask: What kinds of communication do I need less of?

9/23: Dark Moon 0 degrees Cancer, 4:56 AM
Ask: What dreams am I ready to let go?

10/22: Dark Moon 29 degrees Cancer , 1:14 PM
Ask: What obstacles do I need to remove?

11/21: Dark Moon 28 degrees Leo, 2:33 AM
Ask: What pride is no longer needed?

12/20: Dark Moon, 0 degrees Libra 9:56 PM
Ask: What struggles in the name of love am I able to release?

First Quarter Moons  in 2016

1/16: First Quarter at  25 degrees Aries, 5:26 PM
Ask: What does courage tell me?

2/15: First Quarter at 25 degrees Taurus, 1:47 AM
Ask: What does pleasure tell me?

3/15: First Quarter at 25 degrees Gemini, 12:03 PM
Ask: What does speech and thought tell me?

4/13: First Quarter at 24 degrees Cancer, 11:00 PM
Ask: What is nourishment to me and where is it in my life?

5/13: First Quarter at 23 degrees Leo, 12:03 PM
Ask: What does my heart want right now?

6/12: First Quarter at 21 degrees Virgo, 3:10 AM
Ask: What does devotion teach me?

7/11: First Quarter at 14 degrees Libra, 7:53 AM
Ask: What does love show me?

8/10: First Quarter at 18 degrees Scorpio, 1:22 PM
Ask: Where is the mystery for me right now?

9/9: First Quarter at degrees 17 Sagittarius, 6:50 AM
Ask: What does freedom tell me?

10/8: First Quarter at 10 degrees Capricorn, 11:34 PM
Ask: How can I bring more endurance and patience into my life?

11/7: First Quarter at 15 degrees Aquarius, 1:52 PM
Ask: What does my community teach me?

12/7: First Quarter at 21 degrees Pisces, 3:03 AM
Ask: What dream is waiting for me?


Just like the stars, planets move throughout the sky all of the time. The inner planets (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) all move relatively quickly through signs and sections of the chart. The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) all move at a much slower rate through the various constellations and houses of the chart. Inner planets traditionally are understood to deal with every day, practical, real-life issues while outer planets are understood to work with big cycles, realizations, and patterns in our lives. First we will spend some time with some of the inner planet happenings in 2016, starting with the ever dreaded Mercury retrogrades.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

Read: All you need to know about Mercury Retrograde. You can also get a leg up on Mercury Retrograde by snagging the Mercury RX Survival Kit.

January 5 – January 25: Retrograde starts in Aquarius moves into Capricorn on 1/8

Ask: How am I showing up for my community, my friends, my neighbors, my work?
Do the ways I show up feel good or do they need to change and if so, how?

April 28 – May 22 in Taurus

Ask: How is my relationship with my physical body, what is my body trying to tell me?
What are the pleasurable things I do for myself or someone else regularly? Is it enough or is there room for more pleasure?

August 30 – September 22 in Virgo

Ask: How is my physical health? What areas of health and wellness might I need to focus on more going forward? Where is devotion in my life right now?

December 19 2016 – January 8, 2017: Retrograde starts in Capricorn moves into Sagittarius on 1/5

Ask: What do I need to remember about endurance? What teachings have I accepted that are no longer valid?


This is the one to watch: In 2016 Mars will spend a big chunk of the year in the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius. Mars enters Scorpio on January 3rd and then on March 5th it goes into Sagittarius. On April 17th Mars goes retrograde in Sagittarius, continues to retrograde in Scorpio starting May 27th and stays retrograde until June 29th at which point it goes direct again.

In astro-land Mars sometimes has a bad reputation and no matter where they occur in your chart, Scorpio and Sagittarius both pack some intense energy. You can resist Mars – and in doing so you will discover your angry, competitive side most likely while you waste a lot of energy and ignore your physical health. OR you can do high-end Mars, harnessing this planet’s incredible will power, endurance, courage and stamina to discover what aspects of your life are in need of optimization and bring those improvements into being.
Ask: What do I put my energy into? Do those choices serve me or not?


When Mars enters Scorpio on 1/3…

Ask:What can be optimized in my intimate connections? In my love and sex life? In the investments that I make (whether those are investments of time, resource, energy, money or a little bit of everything)?
What hidden aspects of my life am I ignoring because I am afraid to look at them head on?


When Mars enters Sagittarius on 3/5…

Ask: What does the way I live my life teach others? What ideas no longer make sense or seem correct to me?

Throughout the Mars retrograde whenever you encounter a difficult situation:
Ask: How can I bring more courage (more heart) into this situation? What do I need to let go of in order to move forward with more freedom?

Saturn and Neptune Square Off in 2016

Actually these two potent planets started facing off in 2015 with the first exact square occurring at the end of November 2015 – think back to that time and ask yourself if anything major was happening in your life. I think of this tense conversation between Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces) as dreamtime meets real time.

In other words: Neptune says “Look, at my dream, isn’t it pretty?!”

And Saturn replies,
“It is, and the world needs it, so how are you going to make it a reality? Get to work, moonbeam.”
THAT is the Neptune/Saturn square in a nutshell. Though it may feel taxing at times, this configuration has the ability to take many impressive visions and possibilities and put the elbow grease into them so that they become part of our collective experience and cosmos.
Ask: What is my big dream right now, how can I practically support it?
Think about an actual dream that you are having now or that you have had – one that really stayed with you; where is that happening in your life right now?
What does nourishing structure and creative rigor look and feel like? Where in my life do I need more of those qualities?

Jupiter in Virgo and Libra

Jupiter is currently in Virgo and continues to transit through Virgo for most of 2016. On September 9th Jupiter will go into the sign of Libra and transit that sign for the rest of the year. Virgo has a reputation for calling to mind all things orderly, put together, and organized, but Virgo’s deeper resonance deals with devotion and unconditional care. Ruling over the 6th house, Virgo is also the sign to work with whenever there are physical health concerns. Jupiter’s benevolent authority and sovereignty can help all of us ground deeply by organizing our personal spaces/businesses and also creating a bigger role for devotion in our lives.
Ask: Where does my physical health need extra care and support? How and what kind of order would allow me to have more space to create?

Jupiter in Libra turns the spotlight on love, partnerships, diplomacy, art, and culture.
Ask: How can I bring more blessing into my relationships? What kind of generosity do I bring to my loved ones?

Saturn in Sagittarius

Throughout 2016 Saturn continues to wind its way through the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer. This is the area of our lives where we engage in creating a VISION for ourselves and the world that we live in. Freedom, philosophy (as in your philosophy of life), education, and religion all have a role to play in this relationship. Saturn, planet of Time among other things invites us to consider our relationship to each of the areas that Sagittarius speaks to.
Ask: Where in my life can greater discipline lead to truer freedom? What is one thing that I absolutely believe? Why?

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune IS the ruling planet of the sign Pisces so it is very happy to be hanging out with the fishes, even despite of (and maybe encouraged by) its square with Saturn. This is a year when it can feel like the inspiration is flowing and the Muse is showing up on a daily basis. The squares with Saturn can symbolize “stuck” periods that really require creativity around practical concerns.
Ask: What do I want/need/feel called to make/be/do in 2016 and what practical actions can I take to support that work? What is the role of creativity in my life right now?

Uranus in Aries

This is the cosmic rebel yell! Uranus is radical, as in it goes right down to the root of things, takes in the entire landscape, and then plunges ahead with a fully formed (or maybe not) vision of what CAN be. Aries joins in the fracas all too happily reminding us all that, as my dad (an Aries) says, “you can stare or you can start.” Of course with this energy we want to start ventures deliberately and not leave a trail of half finished really good ideas behind us.
Ask: What needs to be shaken up and expanded? Where am I ready to rebel and why? Can I finished what I start?

Pluto in Capricorn

Capricorn works hard and Pluto goes deep so this pairing cannot help but leave an impact wherever it happens in your chart. Capricorn is often thought of as the career sector of the chart but I think of it more as craftsmanship. The difference is that for many of us career is a notion tied distinctly to our jobs, while craftsmanship is a virtue that we can apply to many areas of our lives. Pluto relentlessly tears down whatever is not working and Capricorn has the good sense to continue moving forward and refining all needed skill sets.
Ask: What does mastery mean to me? Where am I a master in my life and how do I share that with others?



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What Winter Solstice Teaches

Prayer and Blessing


A tiny musing on Solstice which is celebrated today and tomorrow throughout the world in many different and gorgeous ways. Now many of us are taught that Winter Solstice celebrates the return of the light and yes, this is true. But/and Winter Solstice is also the longest night of the year in many places, the night of deepest and most complete darkness.

In cold countries where at this time of the year sunlight is already at a much cherished premium, think about and feel into what this period of longest night is like. Longest night to feast, to make love, to look at stars and moon, to sleep and dream deeply. Longest night of liminal space and liminal time. And then the rising of the sun, returning of the light and how good and glorious those warming rays feel against face, shoulder, and skin.

But of course the sun does not return in full force on Winter Solstice or the days following. The ground in many places is still frozen hard and solid and will not begin to thaw for many months yet. Snow still lies in thick icing blankets on the ground and tree branches and roof tops, or here where I live and it is not so very cold, the skies continue on in their leaden gray state and the buds and blossoms for the most part stay hidden and curled up tight while the deer roam about nosing in the dirt for still-tender-from-autumn-acorns.

All of this is to say that we celebrate not so much or not simply a return on Winter Solstice but rather a nascent re-emergence paired with great endurance – for the sun teaches us endurance as it grows and waxes and strengthens throughout these bitter months and into its springtime adolescence and its summer time maturity. That endurance: new beginning followed by long periods of growth and strengthening is really what arcs across and through the land – a reminder, a returning if you will, we see painted in solar shine across the sky.

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Litany For Guadalupe

Prayer and Blessing


weet Miracles,

Many of us are now feeling the approach of the holiday season. No matter what you do (or don’t) celebrate and who you do or don’t celebrate it with, this is a time of year that can be full of joy and delight or a time of year that feels lonely, isolating, and depressing. Some of us can even feel all of these things at the same time!

It is in that spirit that I invite each and every one of you to participate in our Guadalupe Feast Day community altar service. The service is free and occurs on Saturday December 12th. You may send in your petitions, intentions, prayer requests, and blessings right HERE so that they are included in our community rite.

As always, feel free to share this offering with your friends and family members who would appreciate and benefit from the service. Now many of you know and love Guadalupe but for those of you who do not, let me say a few words about her and the spirit of this particular ceremony.

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico City in 1531 to an indigenous man known to Spanish and English speakers as Juan Diego but known in his own tribal tongue as Cuauhtlatoatzin – which translates to something like “Talking Eagle”. Guadalupe is variously understood as the New World Blessed Virgin Mary, as a Catholic overlay of Tonantzin, the Nuahatl Goddess of life, fertility, and mothers, and as the patron Saint of Mexico. I understand her to be all of this and more. Having lived almost all of my life in “Guadalupe country” here is what I can tell you about Her.

Wherever there is a need for nurturing, mothering, calming, nourishment – there She is.
Wherever there is a need for healing, soothing, anointing and blessing – there She is.
Wherever new mothers, new fathers, and children of all ages need care and support – there She is.
Wherever there is loss, sadness, gaping holes full of the howling winds of grief and sorrow – there She is.
Wherever there is joy, laughter, good food, families gathering, friends speaking, old ones remembering – there She is.
Wherever there is rich black dirt, red roses, chile, cinnamon, chocolate, bread – there She is.
Wherever Death has come, unbidden, unasked for, unexpected, unwanted – there She is.
Wherever it is the very simple things that are most needed: clean water, clean air, clean food – there She is.
Wherever creatures, any creatures, are harmed and then helped – there She is.
Wherever there is trying, working, struggling, failing, getting back up again, victory – there She is.
Wherever there is heartfelt prayer in voice, body, gesture, art making of all kinds – there She is.
Wherever there is storytelling, remembering, recollecting what matters most – there She is.
Wherever there is art, creativity of all kinds, carrying beauty from soul to world – there She is.
Wherever there is seeking for fairness, justice, and truth – there She is.
Wherever there are those who feel unseen, unheard, unwanted, disregarded – there She is.
Wherever there is quiet, silence, stillness – there She is.
Wherever there are blessings waiting in broken places – there She is.
Wherever there is a scarred and sacred heart, pierced and bleeding – there She is.

Wherever we are told She is not supposed to be/go, whomever we are taught are not as deserving or worthy of Her most blessed presence – She is especially in those places and with those people, (Our Lady does not much care for “rules”.)

Wherever there is love, and there is love everywhere, there She is.

So what might you say to Nuestra Señora – Our Lady? Whatever is upon your heart and on your tongue. She is first and foremost Mother to the World and all creatures, you and I included, who dwell within it. Bring it all to the table – there is space here.


Blessings of the season to you and yours~


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