Milagro Roots Happenings ~ September 2023

Hola Miracles!

A quick monthly digest of what is going on over at hacienda Milagro Roots over the month of September!

First, the Astro Guide for 2023 is now live! Bookmark this page so that you can return to it again and again over the course of next year!

Secondly, the annual Stars, Cards, and Numbers workshop that I teach with Jacquelyn Tierney every December is also live! You can sign up right here and get $100 for being an early bird! Discount goes bye-bye on September 15th so get it while its hot!

Extra bonus: those of you who sign up for Stars, Cards, and Numbers prior to September 29th also score the Collector’s Edition of Planning by Starlight 2023!*

Speaking of Planning by Starlight 2023…the digital version is also now available!


On September 6th  at 11:00am cdt I’ll host the monthly Q + A for all members of the Sacred Arts Academy training program. This call is open to all members, and you can bring all of your questions about the Sacred Arts to it! If you aren’t a member of the Academy, you can always go here to join!

September 7th kicks off a four week seminar led by myself and my husband on Neil Gaiman’s best-selling modern classic, American Gods for Classical Pursuits. You can register here , Remember to use the code: SHADOW to get 25% off!
Exciting update: I have been asked to co-lead this class and I did not hesitate to say YES! I love American Gods and the book touches on so many themes that we explore in our community! Come join me for four weeks as we learn all about the old Gods in this new land!

September 20th at 11:00am cdt is the monthly Magic Meeting. Like the Q + A calls, this is open to all members of the Sacred Arts Academy Training program as well as members of the Fixed Stars Society!

September 21st sees registration open for Wolves and Stars…the second level training in the Sacred Arts Academy and much anticipated sequel course to Spinning Gold.

Members of the Sacred Arts Academy Training program and Sacred Arts Academy Charter Club members are automatically enrolled in the course!



September gives us our final full Mercury RX period of 2022…things get started with Mercury retrograding on September 9th and stationing direct on October 2nd. Mercury RX Survival kits + remediation magics will go out to all members of the Fixed Stars Society…join us there if you want to get in on the Mercurial Magic Making!

Other Goodies:

My friend (and Spinning Gold guest teacher) Alex is hosting what promises to be a very special and gorgeous retreat in Hawaii in December…if you have been determined to write and are ready to get away from it all then you should definitely reach out to her. Alex is one of the best writing coaches and inspirations in our field, period…I love working with her and I know that you will too. Find her info here and let her know you are interested in the Hawaii retreat 🙂

Another friend (and Spinning Gold guest teacher) Heidi Rose Robbins is also hosting a retreat. This one is happening from November 4 – 7, 2022 in Esalen. Here is the link. It is called Star Maps and Ritual Magic: Astrology and Ceremony as Tools for Transformation and Heidi is hosting it alongside queer author, artist, and teacher Day Schildkret.

Don’t forget:

Do you know your Sacred Arts Archetype? If not, take the quiz!

You can always join the Sacred Arts Academy community here for free! We have one of the loveliest, most supportive, and kind groups of people found in any corner of the web!

Wishing you a gorgeous September!


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