Your Sunday missive did not go out as planned because we were all a little under the weather over here. I’m happy to report we are better now. While I was down for the count, I got to catch up on some reading…email newsletters that I subscribe to in my inbox, reviewing some books I am going to review here for all of you in the coming weeks, you know, basically working through my reading stack a few paragraphs at a time.

And I caught scent of a theme running through a lot of the entrepreneurial world at the moment…honestly it has been running through it for awhile now, that emphasizes ease and making things easy.

Now, I am all for simplifying when and where it makes sense.

I do not feel that there is any virtue in making work harder than it actually is or making life more complicated than it needs to be. No one is handing out gold stars for engaging in 10 times the amount of effort a specific task requires. So to a point, I understand the need to emphasize ease.

To a point.

But beyond that point I have an issue because all of the language around ease and making things easy has a more problematic side…which is specifically that those of you, those of us, who struggle, who do have to work hard, who have to show up every day and make an effort…are somehow doing it wrong. More and worse than that, those who struggle are somehow failing.

So let me say it plainly. Struggle is not failure.

And if you are struggling with something right now…whether it be found in your work or your personal life or your physical health, it does not mean that you are a failure either.

Struggle is a teacher and struggle is a guide. Struggle is made from tension and as I have said numerous times…there can be neither balance or harmony without tension.

Sometimes we have periods in our work lives when we really struggle…and periods where everything flows.

Sometimes we have periods with our physical health or relationships where there is struggle and periods where there is ease.

Sometimes, for some, it is a struggle every single day just to stay here with us on the planet.

That’s not a failure. Nor is it a wrong way to think or feel. It is indeed one of the bravest acts we could ever ask for.

Struggle doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong or failing or that something is wrong with you.

Struggle means that you are brave enough to show up and tussle with the angels. Struggle is Not Failure.

Here is wishing you a week of ease where there needs to be ease, and brave struggle where there needs to be struggle, and love throughout.



PS: The Astro RX 2023 guide is now up and live! One of the things I love about astrology is that, when I know what the year ahead is going to look like, I know where I am going to have some struggles and where things will be easier…and I know about everything in between too!

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