Ask and Answer Tarot Meanings: The Fool

iracles, if there is one question a tarot reader gets asked again, and again and AGAIN it is what is the meaning of a specific card. (the fool)

I’m not a fan of this question because I think that rote Tarot meanings only take you so far, and they certainly do NOT give you the tools to really make the readings your own.

I think questions, the right questions, do a much better job of that. That is why I created 20 Question Tarot.

This is a companion series to that class. In 20 Question Tarot we work with questions to get to the deepest meanings that each card has for you personally.

In the Ask and Answer Tarot series I am going to give you 6 questions that each Tarot card inspires you, the reader, to ask either yourself or the person you are reading for and 2 questions that will help you get to know the card a little bit better.


The Fool

Card Number: 0 (in some decks 22)

Ruling planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Season: Spring


Questions for the Fool:

These two questions will help you get to know the Fool a little bit better:

1.) What does the Fool help you do for others?

2.) What does the Fool prevent you from doing for others?


Questions from the Upright Fool:

When the Fool card appears upright in a reading, these three questions will help you reveal its message.

1.) What are you ready to start?

2.) What are you willing to risk?

3.) What tools are required to accomplish your goals?


Questions from the Reversed Fool:

When the Fool card appears reverse in a reading, these three questions will help you navigate its advice.

1.) What practical/obvious details are you ignoring?

2.) What bad decisions in the past might be setting you up for, or contributing to your failure right now?

3.) What does right relationship to full-hearted faith look and feel like for you?

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