10 Ways to Rock Mercury Retrograde

ear Miracles: Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again. So, what better time to focus on keeping communication clear, concise, and kind? Behold, 10 of my personal favorite techniques to master Mercury RX.

1. Review and follow the Golden Rule: If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say (or write, text, email, Facebook message, etc) anything at all.

2. Know that the next few weeks have some difficult conversations in store? You need a clear communication devotional candle lit for you stat!

3. Remember to bless yourself and others.

4. As Mercury RX does not just effect communication but also all intellectual endeavors keep this list in mind.

5. Don’t forget that lists are only helpful to a point, your essence is vast and cosmic.

6. Follow Paul’s advice (always, but over the next few weeks) and do what you say you’ll do.

7. If Mercury RX finds you with a broken heart, I’m sorry. Also, know that there are ways and means of healing available to you.

8. Be sweet(er). Create a sugar jar for you and your compadres so that your words, thoughts, and actions this month are meant and taken with an extra dose of kindness.

9. For all of the writers out there (which these days means all of us) read this lovely piece by Alexandra Franzen.

10. There is a lot of magical mojo in your kitchen. This is a good time to work with it.

Love and Mercurial Mojo,


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