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ear Miracles,

Heidi Rose Robbins is one of the few folks that make the stars come alive for me. I have always been interested in astrology but got easily bored with the point of view that only considers astrology useful in so far as it can predict various life events –Heidi Rose changed that. She reminded me how much more astrology could be — how the stars have formed a unique map to the highest and grandest expressions of who we are and what we might accomplish in this sweet world. Her use of poetry and story in talking about her work and art consistently uplift and inspire and her knowledge is deep-drink it up!

In her own words:

Heidi Rose Robbins has been a professional astrologer for over 15 years. In fact, she grew up learning the zodiac with her alphabet. She has a practical, sensitive (and inspiring) approach to astrology and has a thriving world-wide practice. She also offers powerful, transformative Radiant Life Retreats for women twice a year in Ojai, California. She is also the founder and driving force behind the Hello Love Experiment, a worldwide effort to encourage people to meet the world and one another, first and foremost, with love. It is her passion and commitment to speak of the depth of who we are and to grow into the next outrageous blossoming of our true selves. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two children.

Connect with Heidi

Your home on the web is Heidi Rose Robbins-Astrology for a Radiant Life-tell us about your business-the vision and the mission!

Astrology for a Radiant Life is dedicated to a fuller expression of our deepest Soul purpose and our heart’s unfolding. In my one-on-one practice, I love to help people identify their greatest gifts and encourage the fullest offering of those gifts. We address obstacles along the way, shed a few tears, laugh at our stubbornness and generally move towards our next concrete step in living more radiant lives.

You have so many wonderful offerings for your clients-one of the things you do that I really love are the Radiant Life retreats. So what does going on retreat with astrology look and feel like and where did the idea to work with clients in this way come from?

I’ve always loved the idea of EMBODIMENT– not just talking or thinking about something– but really living it. My education is in the expressive arts and my father is an astrologer. So, in a way, it was a no-brainer for these two worlds to intersect. But what happens when they do? I needed a way for people to come together and really investigate ON THEIR FEET what it means, for example, to be a Leo with Scorpio rising. How does that feel? What is possible with that combination?

Also, I’ve always loved poetry and sharing it aloud. I think of it as a heightened language that can pierce our hearts when the language of the day to day cannot reach. I love feeling how a poem lands in a group and opens up space for deeper truth-telling.

The retreats came out of a desire to teach in an experiential way and to feel the goodness and healing that can emerge when we gather with an intention of living our most radiant life as a gift for others.

One of the quotes on your site is…”I love the territory where the most VAST meets the most concrete.” I LOVE this and am nodding my head, yes! yes! Can you talk a little about how this territory informs your work and how astrology can help us explore that territory?

Well, this is the juicy stuff. How does the vastness of our heart meet the morning rush getting the kids ready for school? How does our soul purpose meeting the daily grind? How do the most heightened experiences of our lives breathe into our day to day tasks and imbue them with light and love? I love to LIVE in these questions.

I love to practice feeling my own closure, my own self-imposed confinement and then remembering the BILLIONS of others on the planet who are each wrestling their way into the light. Every time I feel sad or heavy or creaky or cranky, I try to take one breath into something much larger than myself. I try to remember the love of the sky or the breath of a valley.

One of the reasons I love poetry so much is I think it is a VAST language and yet can touch us at the most immediate level.

The feeling I get from much of your work is that you fuse your astrology skills with self-improvement, development, and empowerment. Can you talk about how astrology helps us with these goals?

Astrology is a tool to help us see who we truly are. It gives us a glimpse of a QUALITY that we can embody that could be a gift for all. I like to think of myself as an 80-year-old woman and I like to imagine a young person coming to sit with me in silence for a time. And I like to imagine the GIFT that I might embody to such an extent that that young person couldn’t help but leave imbued with that quality.

Astrology is deeply inspiring because it reminds us of who we can become. It is the LANGUAGE of becoming.

If you could give one piece of wisdom to my readers today, what would it be?

Just for one moment today…

Let your heart be drawn to something or someone beautiful. Breathe in that beauty. Just for one minute. Breathe in that beauty.

And then too…just for one moment today,

Bless someone. Let your whole heart usher forth goodness and inspiration for another. Send a stream of silent blessing.

Life begins to vibrate with a kind of sweetness and peace when we manage to do those two things daily.

Big love to you all!

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